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  • May14thin Zipperlist Updates Thank you!

    Thank You Ain’t For Wimps

    Dear Friends and Family, Thank you. Thank you for donating to our family on the Zipperleg Chronicles website, for donating to our family via the Signature Theatre event "Cancer Ain't for Wimps", for babysitting Izzy at extremely short notice, for visiting me in the chemo ward at Sloan Kettering,...

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  • Apr1stin Zipperlist Updates Cancer Aint For Wimps

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot

    Dear Friends and Family, There have been a few changes in the plan since the last time I wrote. I met with Dr. Yamado, my radiologist, who informed me that no, in fact I would not be having surgery. It turns out he had a chance to talk to Dr. Finley, the surgeon, and they chatted a bit. About...

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  • Mar10thin Zipperlist Updates HeresWhereTheFunBegins

    Here’s Where the Fun Begins!

    Dear Family and Friends, It's been a crazy couple of weeks where we weren't sure what exactly was going to happen, so I've held off sending this until we knew something more concrete. Starting with the good news: I'm done with chemotherapy for the time being! It's been a long run since...

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  • Jan10thin Zipperlist Updates BenAtSpa

    Another Day at the Spa…

    Dear Family and Friends, It's a good sign when your oncologist enters the room smiling. The Hulk has done his SMASH thing and we are seeing good results on both tumors. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have shrinkage! We've been through two rounds now, and are starting to get the hang of this new...

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  • Nov29thin Zipperlist Updates Hulk SMASH!

    Which do you want first?

    This update is all about the good news and the bad news. I had a scan to see how the first round of chemo went. It's usually not done after only one round, but Dr. Keohan wanted to get right on top of it so we could adjust the treatment accordingly. The good news is, the Little Bastard has...

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  • Oct25thin Zipperlist Updates Zombie_sign_20120623142623_640_480

    Return of the Living Sarcoma

    Dear Friends and Family, I hoped to never have to write one of these again, but unfortunately the universe had other plans. Last week, I got my regularly scheduled scans just to make sure everything was still clear, and somehow, I have managed to develop not one, but two separate tumors in my...

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  • Mar15thin Zipperlist Updates Someone even already scraped the cheese off the cardboard!

    All Good Things….

    Dear Friends and Family, If all good things come to an end, what happens to bad ones? Well, in the case of cancer, it never really "ends" but instead goes into remission and becomes something you check up on every 4-6 months. What I'm trying to say is, I'm in remission! That scan I...

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  • Dec19thin Zipperlist Updates Wait, Jiffy-Pop isn't the microwave kind?

    How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Live with Cancer

    Dear Friends and Family, I'm done with chemo! Actually, the phrase Dr. Keohan used was "paused" because nothing is ever final in this funhouse, but I am now about 7 weeks out from my last treatment!  After much consideration, we decided to not pursue the last round. She reminded me that the goal...

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  • Aug27thin Zipperlist Updates No way out but through.

    Tryin’ to Reason with Hurricane Season

    Dear Family and Friends, When last we left that little tumor in my right lung, we were planning on using it as a barometer to see how our Sleazy Uncle Doxorubicin is getting the job done. Well, this week was the big week: where we had the tests to discover how my chemotherapy is working. I...

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  • Aug14thin Zipperlist Updates Take it off! Take it off!

    Hair today….

    Dear Family and Friends, Today is Kristin and my first wedding anniversary! We celebrated yesterday by going down to Governor's Island, which we had never seen before, and having dinner and drinks at the Bowery Hotel, which we did see before, about a year ago, on our wedding night. Today we are...

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