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This update is all about the good news and the bad news. I had a scan to see how the first round of chemo went. It’s usually not done after only one round, but Dr. Keohan wanted to get right on top of it so we could adjust the treatment accordingly.

The good news is, the Little Bastard has shrunk by a few millimeters! The bad news is, the other one, which I will now refer to as The Tumor Who Shall Not Be Named*, has grown somewhat. She emphasized that this result does not mean the treatment isn’t working, just not working as fast as we want it to. This was not the result we were hoping for.

So our Sleazy Uncle Doxorubicin, like any good superhero from the 1950’s, is getting a partner. However, his new partner, Ifosamide, is less Bucky Barnes** and more, umm… Hulk. And Hulk SMASH!

Ifosomide’s side effect list reads like Chemotherapy’s Greatest Hits. At this point we’re guessing it’s going to kick my ass all over the playground. However, we were braced for the worst with Doxorubicin last year, and I didn’t get it as bad as we were anticipating. I was able to work almost all the way through treatment, which seemed to really help, as it gave me a way to focus on something besides my treatment. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with this one.

They had to get all the paperwork and preparations ready over Thanksgiving, so I start tomorrow. Whereas our Sleazy Uncle only required one short visit every three weeks, this new treatment will require three long visits every three weeks on consecutive days. So for me it’s tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. I like to think this means they missed me and want me around more.

And the last and best good news is that I still have the World’s Most Amazing Nurse Kristin at my side, along with her assistant-nurse-in-training Izzy. They’re pulling out all the stops.

More updates soon. While I’m not always able to respond individually, I’d like to thank you all again for your love and support.

Love, luck and health,

– Ben

* Kristin’s thinking Voldemort from Harry Potter, I’m thinking more Hastur from Lovecraft. Take your pick.
** Bucky Barnes was Captain America’s sidekick in the ’50’s. I never got into Batman.

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  • Chris Petrus says:

    You are amazing!! Praying for remission for you every night…hope it happens soon! xoxo

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