Thank You Ain’t For WimpsPosted on Tue, May 14, 2013

Thank you!

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you. Thank you for donating to our family on the Zipperleg Chronicles website, for donating to our family via the Signature Theatre event “Cancer Ain’t for Wimps”, for babysitting Izzy at extremely short notice, for visiting me in the chemo ward at Sloan Kettering, for being part of a healing circle in Brooklyn, for bringing us dinner and kidnapping Izzy to the Natural History Museum, for stopping your life to come live with us and help out, for taking Ben back and forth to chemo so Kristin could catch a break, for giving Kristin or I free reiki/acupuncture/massage or intense friend therapy… the list goes on and on!

We had hoped to be able to send thank you cards to each of you individually. But the beautiful fact is, we are literally overwhelmed by your generosity and love and we’ve been unable to keep up! So I’ve designed a big custom thank you to let you know what an impact you have had on our lives. We put some of our favorite pictures from the show into a site I built (while looking for a gig), with a few little bells and whistles we hope you enjoy. Please click the link below to see it!

For all of this and more, we love you more than we can say.

Ben, Kristin and Izzy

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