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  • Jul20thin Zipperlist Updates OMG! Really? That's messed up.

    A Shocking Admission

    Hello Friends and Family, I had been told when I started chemo that after 7-10 days, my white blood cell count would bottom out. While we understood that from a technical point of view, we didn't really understand it from a practical point of view. Apparently, it means in that period, I...

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  • Jul8thin Zipperlist Updates Yes, I am a teenage girl.

    My Chemical Romance

    Dear Friends and Family, Yesterday was the first day of my chemotherapy, and everything is going well so far. The treatments are split into two days, Thursday and Friday, so later this afternoon, we get to do it all over again, only this time, in the other arm. I'm starting to look like a...

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  • Jun24thin Zipperlist Updates Mother's Little Helper!

    Better Living Through Chemistry

    Dear Family and Friends, It's been a crazy, exhaustive and wild three weeks since the surgery. My incisions have almost completely healed, and I will be able to resume lifting heavy things soon, like Izzy! The official word came back: the lumps they took out had negative margins, which is...

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  • Jun4thin Zipperlist Updates Psycho Killer!

    Cuttin’ Loose

    Dear Friends and Family, Well, first off, I'm alive! So right there, we have that going for us. I'm currently blitzed out on meds so bear with me. After some delays yesterday, including a side-trip to the sonogrammist to make sure the big lump in my leg is in fact scar tissue and not a giant...

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  • May26thin Zipperlist Updates John Wayne says "Don't do it." Good enough for me.

    Operation: Zipperleg 2 has been postponed!

    Hello Family and Friends, First of all, thank you for all of your words and support. They mean a lot to Kristin and me. Sooooo.... I managed to catch a cold this week, which unfortunately threw a monkey wrench into the whole surgery thing. Apparently, having a cold somehow interferes with...

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  • May20thin Zipperlist Updates It's ALIVE!

    Son of Zipperleg

    Dear Family and Friends, Well, Spring is here, the weather is warming up, the trees are full and green and... I have a sarcoma in my lung. Sorry, I can't think of an easy way to say it. While they are hesitating to call it a metastasis of my leg tumor until they can take it out and study...

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  • May20thin Zipperlist Updates This is what we call my op-er-ation!

    Opening Night

    Dear Family and Friends, Thank you so much for your outpouring of support. It really does help to remember I have such wonderful friends! Sorry I'm not able to respond individually to everyone, but things are kinda full right now, I'm sure you understand. First thing I should say because I...

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  • Sep29thin Zipperlist Updates I love him, the ol' zipperneck!

    Birth of Zipperleg

    Hi Everyone, It's your favorite invalid with news from the front line! Kristin and I went in to go see Dr. Healey this morning, and I am now cast-free! They took the cast off, took the stitches out and taped me up. I looked like Frankenstein's monster (Hence: Zipperleg.) but they did a motion...

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  • Sep9thin Zipperlist Updates We all started somewhere...


    Dear Family and Friends, I apologize for the mass and slightly impersonal nature of this email, but I'm sure you'll forgive me as I've been a bit preoccupied. I wish I had time to call each of you individually. Last week, I was diagnosed with a soft-tissue sarcoma in my lower right leg,...

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