Return of the Living SarcomaPosted on Thu, Oct 25, 2012


Dear Friends and Family,

I hoped to never have to write one of these again, but unfortunately the universe had other plans. Last week, I got my regularly scheduled scans just to make sure everything was still clear, and somehow, I have managed to develop not one, but two separate tumors in my chest. One is our old friend, the little bastard (I swear it’s the proper medical term) in my right lung, who lay dormant for months and is now clocking in at 2cm in diameter. The other, not to be out-done, is a 4cm mass lodged in between my esophagus and my spine. That’s right: from all clear to this in 4 months. I’ve always been an over-achiever.

So I start chemo tomorrow, Friday October 26th. It will be our old and sleazy friend Uncle Doxyrubicin, and this time he’ll be bringing some friends. You know, to “move the down around”. Hopefully at some point I will be able to switch to the less-side-effect-but-no-less-effective Doxil, but right now is sort of an emergency mode where we want to stick with what works. The good news in this is that we know exactly what to expect with this treatment. The bad news is that we know exactly what to expect with this treatment. We aren’t really planning anything ahead of just getting treatment started, but there will most likely be an operation or two in my future.

I know a lot of you enjoy the humor I usually approach these things with, but for right now, we’re just trying to get everything in order so I’m sticking to the facts. It will be several months before I start getting noticeably worn down, so please don’t be strangers. I went through the entire process before while working the whole time, and I expect to have the same energy level this time as well. It’s been a lovely ten months of being healthy and clear, but now it’s back into the fray.

Let the fun begin!

– Ben

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