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Back in May, my wife Kristin did a lot of research, and I mean A LOT, about what would be a good diet someone in my condition should be eating. Turns out, there are a lot of opinions on the subject, but by comparing reliable sources with other cancer patient’s inputs, she came up with the following diet:


  1. No Sugar or Sugar Substitutes – Sounds like a no-brainer, but it makes it very difficult to find products without it.
  2. Only Organic Chicken and Fish – Especially fatty fish, like salmon. Chicken is a “sometimes” meat. Beef and pork are too hard on the system.
  3. Whole Wheat Bread and Brown Rice – All that white stuff just turns immediately to sugar in the stomach.
  4. No Alcohol – I don’t drink much anyway, but it, again, turns to sugar in your stomach. Not to mention the fact it’s basically poison, and my body’s having a hard enough time as it is without assaulting it with Jagerbombs.


About a month later, we had a meeting with a holistic doctor at Sloan-Kettering who basically confirmed all of Kristin’s decisions, but added a few tidbits we didn’t think about:

  1. No Suppliments – Turns out, anything your body is lacking is probably doing so because the cancer is eating it up. So if you’re B deficient, it could easily be because your tumor is thriving on it, so why feed it more. A basic multivitamin and D suppliment is okay.
  2. No Anti-Oxidents – Seriously. While they might (MIGHT) be good for you when you’re healthy, any assistance they are giving your cells being healthy, they are also giving to your cancer cells. I know, right?
  3. No Juicing – The body absorbs too much from juice drinks that it also converts right to sugar. Also, many are geared towards stocking you up with more vitamins, which reminds us of #1. Smoothies with the whole fruit in it are okay, as it adds the fiber to slow down absorption.
  4. Moderation is Okay – While I tend to be a tee-totaler because I know how easy it is to rationalize, she was sure to point out that a little cheat here and there won’t kill me. I can have the occasional glass of wine, chunk of chocolate, bit of bacon, cup of cheese…


And I have had my own personal things:

  1. No Dairy – As a long-time lover of aged cheese, this is where I have my most difficult time staying kosher. But my family has had a bad history with dairy-related-products, so just to be safe.
  2. No Coffee, just Tea – While I was told no green tea, I have mostly been avoiding coffee as it always felt to me like I was throwing oil in the gas-tank. So I’m sticking with oolongs, blacks and pu-ehr. Makes me feel healthier. Bugs Kristin, who is a die-hard coffee drinker, I think, but she doesn’t let it show.


There’s more to all of this that I am sure Kristin will want to add her thoughts on, but this is the basic diet I have been following. The interesting side-effect has also been that I have lost about 30 pounds in 4 months, almost all of which happened before chemo began. Since chemo began, my weight has stabilized at a slightly-slight 190. (I’m 6’3″)

It took some getting used to, especially discovering how many products have sugar, and how many supposedly health-food products have “evaporated cane juice” listed – which is another name for sugar. Sugar in potato chips? Really? Really.

But now, I don’t really even miss anything. I don’t even really miss chocolate. People would ask me when I was first starting how long I would have to be on the diet, and the question confused me. This is how I eat now. This isn’t something that I will do for awhile and stop, even if I go into remission. This is just how I eat now.


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  • JOY JOHANSEN says:


  • Catherine Biro says:

    You’re an inspiration! Love you soooooo much!!! Glad you posted the diet, I want to know what is good to make 🙂 The blog is a great idea, glad you are sharing because I think it can help other people which is a great thing. See you soon….hugs!

  • Niffer says:

    Hey sweets!

    Can’t wait to see you on Sunday! Got some tasty organic whole grain goodness on the way…

    Love you…

  • Chris Petrus says:

    I love your blog! Your positive attitude and sense of humor (and Kristin) will help you conquer this! We are all with you sending love, healing thoughts and prayers your way!


  • Aunt June says:

    Does this mean you’re not eating any fruit then, because of the sugar?

    I was just about to send an organic fruit basket I found, but would that be taboo on this regimen?

    Love this blog, love this family. Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way…auntie june

  • Diana says:

    Wow- I thought I had researched it all, but learned a few things from your cancer diet blog. I am relieved because I have always felt guilty that I didn’t do the juicing and turned away from supplements as swallowing this pills is difficult and crushing them first
    made me nauseated. This info makes so much sense. Thanks for posting.

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