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What's Next? Hopefully a vacation...

Dear Family and Friends,

I apologize for this update coming much later than I’d intended, but I have very good news to share: The Little Bastard has been downgraded to The Little Brat, and The-Tumor-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named has been downgraded to The-Tumor-That-Is-Barely-Worth-Mentioning. Both of these jerky things have “responded well” to the radiation treatments, which is to say “dying a horrible burning starvation death”. To which I say to them “HA HA HA!!!”.

(I had to promise Kristin I’d stop talking to my tumors, even to make fun of them.)

Our favorite part of this good news is that for the first time in two years, I will not have to spend this winter in and out of the chemotherapy ward, and Kristin and I can start putting our lives back together. We’re not living from scan to scan anymore, and I feel like we can start to pick up the pieces, put this behind us and get on with the married life we started out to live 3 years ago, so we stay a lot at home cooking and watching movies and we even play some casino games at the fastpay casino to make some money as well.

Which is why this update was delayed. We walked out of the doctor’s office and immediately started putting our plans into action. I’ve been applying to full-time positions as an Art / Creative Director, and have been getting some good responses – not to be confused with “responding well”. We’re coping with the hospital and various bills which have come due and getting them in line, thanks to some amazing help from our families.

Kristin has decided to sell her apartment on Riverside Dr. to help us get back on track financially. (It’s a spacious one bedroom in a gorgeous building/area. Please email me if you know someone looking to buy I’ll send you all the info and pictures!)!

I was a big fan of Aaron Sorkin’s “The West Wing” back when it was on, and Martin Sheen’s character had a way of letting his staff know he was done with something and was ready to move on to other things. So, while one is never really done with a cancer like this, that’s what’s been going through my head for the last week:

“What’s Next?”

Pumpkin-Spiced Love,

– Ben


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